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More Than Just a Pretty Face

True beauty isn’t found in a box, bottle, or Botox?


I sat on the bleachers and watched my Little Leaguer. Another mother sat nearby, and I eyed her golden, bronzed appendages and wondered, Is that tan real?

Before you could say, “Mirror, mirror on the wall,” my eyes darted around and analyzed every other female in the grandstands. Tanner. Skinner. Silkier.

Me? Pale. Frizzy. And poster child for Chocolate Overeaters Anonymous.

I reviewed my options at this point:

A. Have my son join another team.

B. Bring homemade cinnamon rolls to every agme-maybe all the moms would gain twenty pounds.

C. Wear a shirt that says, “Body Not As Big As It Appears.”

Since that day, I often remind myself: outward beauty does not guarantee happiness. And God has higher concerns for me than my outward appearance.

Queen Esther of the Bible must have realized life is more than manicures and dieting. She was most beautiful to God when she was obedient to Him.

What if my obedience to God was my beauty?

Queen Esther was beautiful and King Xerxes thought she was hot. But there must have been something deeper. Was it botox?

MORE THAN JUST A PRETTY FACE mixes humorous beauty anecdotes with events, truths, and reflections from the life of Queen Esther. It offers the premise that we are most beautiful when we follow and obey God.



And they said . . .

Commercials and magazine ads lure us to believe the importance of outward beauty. In the opening pages of this well-crafted Bible study, Karen Morerod admits, “I have to often remind myself: outward beauty does not guarantee happiness or contentment…God has higher concerns for me than my outward appearance.” There is a careful balance of engaging personal and humorous stories, some Bible teaching and each study includes a page for the reader to capture their own personal application and growth. I highly recommend this study.  – Terry Whalen, publisher/editor/writer

This was a fantastic book which I used as a devotional for one month. Karen packs a lot of thought into a few pages each day which provides you with much to contemplate. It didn’t take a lot of time each morning so even if you are super busy you can fit this into your day!  – Ginger T.

And Karen said . . .

If your group would like a dramatic performance on the life of Queen Esther, contact me at It is perfect for women’s banquets, retreats, and church worship services. For more information, go to my SPEAKING and DRAMA page.

To purchase MORE THAN JUST A PRETTY FACE from Amazon click here.

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