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Birthday Trips and Rock Formations

I was born on Labor Day 1960. Which is only important to know because, when my birthday rolls around each year, I don’t just have ONE day to celebrate. There is usually a holiday around my birthday, so I have birthday weekends. I like it like that.

This birthday weekend, I wanted a short road trip. I had heard about Teter Rock in central Kansas.

It seems in the early 1900s, Mr. Teter set up a rock as a landmark for homesteaders trying to find the Cottonwood River. I thought that – and my 54th birthday weekend – was good enough reason to go in search of this historical site. So we left anticipating a two-hour trip. Three and a half hours later, 10 miles of a gravel road, and one mile of near-offroading, we finally found Mr. Teter’s rock.



Or so we thought.

I didn’t read the fine print on the travel article before we left. Don’t you hate it when that happens?

It seems this wasn’t really the rock Mr. Teter set up. His rock had been torn down, along with the rest of Teterville. However, some nice folks in the 1950s erected this rock in memory of Mr. Teter.

Nothing like driving three and a half hours, 10 miles of a gravel road, and one mile of near-offroading to view a substitute, a re-enactment, a replica – in other words, not the REAL thing. Sort of put a damper on my 54th birthday weekend road trip. (One consolation: the view was phenomenal!)


Has this ever happened to you? Oh, not going in search of imposter rock formations; but spending time searching for what you think is the real thing, only to find it’s not what it’s cracked up to be? Not what was promised? Not what you expected? Kind of like a bait and switch?

So my only problem was I didn’t read the fine print in the article. However, sometimes in life, our problems are bigger than not reading the fine print. Sometimes we start believing lies that shout louder than the truth. Or we buy into thoughts, plans, or relationships that include fine print that we miss as we  search for the sensationalism of an event or person. Or, worse yet, we are intentionally misled.

This happened to me recently. Maybe you have realized it’s been six months since I’ve blogged. (All bloggers like to think they are missed when they are AWOL.) And all I have to offer as an explanation is that I bought into some stinky thinking that led down a dead-end path. I believed some lies about myself, my situation, and life in general. All that is a story for another time. But let’s just say I wasted time, talents, and precious God-given opportunities.

When you find yourself in that situation, you could A) allow pride to keep you from admitting your deception, B) admit you have been duped but continue on in an ignorant sort of bliss, or C) decide what you can do to change!

I chose (C).

I hope you will be challenged to get off any misguided paths, get out of any less-than-honest relationships, or stop any deceptive thinking and come along with me.

I’m contemplating an interesting woman of the Bible who tried to get back on the right track a number of times. I think a good look at her life will be very insightful! After some more research, next week I’ll let you in on who she is. And I bet you’ll have a comment or two!




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