because life is so daily … and eternity is so 4/ever


The Hugest Blessings in My Life:

  • Jesus loving me
  • Godly parents
  • Marrying my husband
  • My five children
  •  The cutest, most adorable grandchildren on the planet

The Biggest Surprises in My Life:

  • Magazine articles and devotions in numerous publications including: Today’s Christian Woman, Children’s Ministry Magazine, Decision Magazine, The Upper Room
  • Short stories in numerous compilation books
  • My first published book, MORE THAN JUST A PRETTY FACE, October 2011
  • Being a pastor’s wife
  • Performing dramas and speaking
  • My Fiftieth birthday party

The Funnest Things I Do:

  • Antique shopping with hubby
  • Family nights with ALL the family
  • Eating deep, dark chocolate
  • Performing dramas and speaking
  • Travel
  • Write
  • The hubby and me

The Hardest Things I Do:

  • Take pictures of six squirmy grandchildren (although they are the cutest, most adorable on the planet)
  • Write
  • Stay under the speed limit
  • Keep track of my glasses
Squirmy grandchildren

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