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I Didn’t Buy a Card This Year

Did you almost cry as you walked by the rack of Father’s Day cards? No? That’s cool. But I did.

And if you did too, maybe we teared up for different reasons. Some of you don’t have good memories of your dad – or don’t even have one memory of a dad. My heart aches for you as much as a heart can that hasn’t experienced your pain. Your pain is real and I am so very sorry.

Some of you are in the club called “I dread Father’s Day because it reminds me I don’t have a dad any more.” This is my first Father’s Day without my dad. His grave marker is just freshly laid. And the void of his presence is just as fresh. So, yes, I almost cried as I walked by the Father’s Day cards. (I’ve been working all month to silence the natural urge to go buy a card.)

I had no idea last Father’s Day would be the last one I would celebrate with him. Here is last Father’s Day. (At the best rib place in Kansas – maybe in the United States – in the town where my dad grew up. We love this picture of him in front of the tavern because he was a retired Baptist pastor!)


I am extremely thankful because I have many memories of my dad. And they are good memories.

Like this:


Or this:



This photo is obviously before my time. We found it as we prepared for his funeral:


So, yes, I have great memories of my dad.

And as wonderful as those memories are, I have something in common with those who don’t have such good memories:
We all are in need of a heavenly father that is far beyond what we have or haven’t experienced.


See, while my dad was great, he wasn’t perfect. He couldn’t respond to my every joy and sorrow. He didn’t have the authority to give me eternal life. And he definitely couldn’t be with me 24/7 because I feel his void every single day.

But God can be that father to all who allow Him. He is perfect. He can respond to every joy and sorrow. He does have the authority to grant eternal life. He is with us 24/7. And He is the only One who knows everything we need during our stay here on this earth. And I have needed this Father my entire life, whether I had an earthly father or not.

So honor your dad if you are fortunate to have one to hug. But do not disqualify yourself because of your past or present circumstance.

May this Father’s Day you celebrate the only perfect father and experience the perfect love that only God can give.



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2 thoughts on “I Didn’t Buy a Card This Year

  1. My dear Friend. I have no words. Love you so very much. *hugs*

  2. Thanks friend! Friends help along life’s journey.

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