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Fifty Shades of Grace

Instead of more blurring shades of grey,

here are 50 Shades of Grace to consider…. 


  1. Let the other person have the last word.
  2. Give up having to be the “winner” in the discussion.
  3. Listen – really listen – instead of planning your stellar response.
  4. Meet someone’s physical need in spite of what you think of their lifestyle.
  5. Let go of perfection expectations for your family and friends.
  6. Let go of perfection expectations for yourself.
  7. Forgive one more time than you think you can.
  8. Develop thick-skin and believe that comment wasn’t an attack.
  9. Allow differences without judgments.
  10. Forgive without strings attached or “but…..”
  11. Just don’t say it.
  12. Search for and compliment one redeeming quality in someone you struggle with.
  13. Stop using your own personality as the measure of normal.
  14. Smile at someone who isn’t.
  15. Ask, “How can I help?” instead of thinking, “I told you so.”
  16. Keep comments to yourself when your spouse is driving.
  17. Wait patiently while she gets ready to leave, even if she changes clothes four times.
  18. Stop comparing your children to other people’s children.
  19. Realize you have way too much stuff and give it to help someone who doesn’t.
  20. Give sacrificially of something you need because someone else needs it more.
  21. Give anonymously.
  22. Pray the word “grace” before you respond.
  23. Consciously be aware of people and situations around you.
  24. Believe there is a statute of limitations on anger – get over it.
  25. Take the high road and initiate reconciliation.
  26. Look past the behavior and see the need.
  27. Refuse to participate in or respond to road rage.
  28. Give the remote control to someone else.
  29. Study your spouse and/or children to see what makes them tick.
  30. Do someone else’s household task.
  31. Ask yourself if someone else’s annoying trait resembles you.
  32. Stop putting off the visit to your elderly friend or family.
  33. Be willing to wait on change.
  34. Determine – and admit – if you are the problem.
  35. Accept a deserved apology with humility.
  36. Let someone else choose the movie, dinner, or music in the car.
  37. Get out of your comfort zone because someone needs help.
  38. Allow someone else the last cookie, piece of candy, or sale item on the shelf.
  39. Refrain from correcting someone in public, especially if the sole purpose is to make you look good or right.
  40. Give a compliment, not to be fake, but because it could make someone’s day.
  41. Show plain, old-fashioned kindness: send an encouraging handwritten note through the real post office, open the door for someone, give someone your seat.
  42. Respond to a hateful comment with undeserved mercy.
  43. Pretend the other person saw the parking spot first, and give it to them.
  44. Listen to the story one more time from your elderly family or friend.
  45. When your spouse didn’t hear you, respond without prefacing it with a loud, “I SAID. . . “
  46. Stop slandering others behind their backs, even if the facts are true.
  47. Consider if an extra-generous tip might encourage the bad waitress more than an insulting tip.
  48. Wait ten seconds before responding. (Or longer!)
  49. Admit you did it. Period.
  50. Realize the only way we can even begin to show grace to others is by God’s endless grace to us. He showed his grace to us even when we didn’t deserve it, when we spat in His face, when we rejected him, when we rebelled against His plan for our life, when we were determined to do things our way. Jesus died for that sin. For every sin. That, my friends, is every shade of grace I could think of.

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2 thoughts on “Fifty Shades of Grace

  1. Love these wise words, Karen. I have shared your post on my timeline.

  2. Thanks RJ! I think I’ll have to post them for myself.

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