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If only Gomer . . .

Hosea: Old Testament prophet. Commissioned by God to bring his Jewish people to repentance for seeking out other gods. Relentless bearer of disastrous news to an unfaithful generation. Unappreciated truth-teller. Husband of a prostitute. Bet you didn’t see that coming. (Unless you’ve been following this blog the past couple weeks – or read the book of Hosea in the Bible.)

But, yeah. Enter Gomer. The unfaithful wife of a man of God.

And with just those details, can you imagine that Gomer might often say, “If only . . . .”?

If only I wasn’t married to him.  If only I measured up to him.  If only God loved me as much as He loves Hosea.  If only I hadn’t compromised myself. If only I could say “no” when I should. If only.  If only.  If only.

I’m pretty sure we are good with that phrase in our century too:

  • If only I were skinnier.
  • If only I had more money.
  • If only I could forgive that man.
  • If only I could believe what God says in His Word.
  • If only I had more time.

Maybe it’s time we replaced if only with What if . . .

  • What if  I were skinner?  (what difference would it really make?)
  • What if  I had more money? (what then?)
  • What if I forgave? (how would things be different?)
  • What if I chose to believe what God says in His word? (how would my life change?)
  • What if I had more time? (what then?)

See……if only invites pity.  What if creates vision.

I don’t know if a new vision for her life would have changed Gomer’s actions; but I’m willing to give it some serious consideration for my life.

What if I had more vision for change in my life?

What if you had vision for change for your life? Go ahead – ask  yourself, “What if . . .” I dare you!



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2 thoughts on “If only Gomer . . .

  1. Oooo – what an exciting alternative to the pity party! What if….?

  2. I’ve been trying it lately. It opens up a whole lot of options!

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